Mossberg 930 Spx ProblemsLooking at a 930 SPX (same tube) it looks like their specs say 8, so I guess I have to remove it, no biggie really. Now I've heard mixed reviews about Mossberg semi-autos, but the 930SPX seems to have a lot of great features at a really attractive price point. The Mossberg 930 SPX was a pleasure to shoot and handle. Justifying the cost is all on the buyer so yes, I guess you can say it was superior enough. The 930 SPX is a tactical shotgun that is ready to go. The 930 does not beat my shoulder up nearly as bad as the 500 does. Re: MOssberg 930 SPX Shooting to high. After experiencing these issues, my opinion about the Mossberg 930 SPX is that it's not much more than a $600 club. You'll need to disassemble the gun and get the bolt out of the way. 5-inch steel barrel, an extended magazine tube and a tough but lightweight synthetic stock. The Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical is one of the best semi-auto shotguns available. 5 Inch Barrel Blue Finish Synthetic Stock. In the past I had heard that the 930SPX had some reliability problems, though I can't remember what problems and whether it was even substantiated or not. Mossberg 930 SPX's still have some of the problems they had when they first came out too. Due to the maze of ITAR and export regulations on firearm parts, only a specific few of ours are currently for sale outside of the United States to select countries. It demonstrated good accuracy, superb reliability, simple operation, and shouldered and pointed quite naturally. Mossberg seems to on occasion have a lot of preservative or fouling in their shotguns in them, and some people have had issues with malfs due to not cleaning their new SPX shotguns. Especially when new and not fully broken in yet, it had issues with the light target ammo. Since then I have had zero problem with the gun. The cheaper 1911's can do exactly what the semi-customs can do, but the fit & finish won't be as good as the semi-customs. Find us on Hickok45 Twitter and Facebook, as well as "therealHickok45" on Instagram. This is my first auto and after reading M24's review and many others I drank the Kool-Aid, played the front sight lottery and lost. Upgrades on my new Mossberg 930 spx. 99 The 930 SPX Tactical shotgun features an 8-round capacity, a ghost ring rear sight, and a M16 style front sight. The gas-operated, semi-automatic shotgun is a direct descendant of the excellent Mossberg 930 hunting guns. Also with any target loads I have used, it doesn't eject them properly or at all. Mossberg 930 Tactical (Mossberg) 930 SPX – This is the Cadillac of the 930 Tactical Models. ScrappyDoo Tacticool brah! Messages: 1,589 Likes Received: 0. Failure to feeds happened 6 times threw first 60 or so rounds. That NC extension clamp is probably why my cheap (stock) Choate extension tube isn't all mangled up, as weak as. Jun 27, 2014 #1/11 Brand new Mossberg 930 spx with pistol grip. Having read that there is break in period I can confirm that as Ithink I may be experiencing break in blues. This gives the whole gun a cheeper, lesser quality feeling. Ammo for Mossberg 930 SPX I've shot Win XX, Federal, Estate, and Browning shells with no problems. The first time, I used target loads (Winchester or Remington, I forget which) and had a couple failures-to-eject (a stovepipe or similar as I recall). After cleaning it at home, I loaded the magazine tube up with 7 rounds again and the same problem popped up. Mossberg 930 SPX FTEs 1 in 15 rounds. The OR3GUN Project takes a Mossberg 930 SPX with a long history of malfunctions using common ammo (like Winchester Universal) and installs the new Multi-Use. Also comes with 230 rounds of Select Defense 00 Buckshot. Velcro mounted shell holders allow quick change between slug, bird, and buck but take longer to refill used slots while on the line. Interested in the Mossberg 930 SPX, would like to use it for up coming 3 gun match. Yeh I know just get the new aimpro forend. As a lifelong hunter, I am well-versed with firearms. The culprit in my case was a loose ejector. ARP · My benelli M2 will choke on low recoil birdshot where my SPX has zero problems. Had a few of the problems everybody says about the shotgun, mainly the spacer tube carbon build up and not cycling some lighter loads. This model also comes with a receiver-mounted Picatinny rail, a matte blued finish, and a black synthetic stock. com, but it doesn't quite fit my 930 Tactical model. Now it cycles Fiocchi buckshot with no problems. This model also comes with a receiver-mounted Picatinny rail, a matte blued finish, and a black synthetic. If you do, go ahead and get to the Enos forums and find the Mossberg contact listed in the 930 thread, 'cause you're probably going to need it. Thіѕ Mossberg 930 SPX іѕ a fine weapon, аnd compares vеrу favorably wіth shotguns costing ѕеvеrаl hundrеd dollars mоrе, whіlе having features thаt аrе second tо nоnе. The trigger on the 930 SPX has a five-pound break, though it does feel a bit lighter. Many years ago a buddy of mine in Phoenix, AZ. Search YouTube for The Dovenator, the guy shot 16,575 rounds and shot 15,802 Doves, in 14 hours. Maybe that would be a good first step. The 930 JM PRO comes with the Nordic mag extension and bracket as standard as well as the extended bolt handle. It happens about 1 in 15 rounds on average. But as it turned out it was more about the Malfunctionings and problems associated with using Frog Lube. The 930 SPX is loaded with features that attracted me to it, and the price was a bargain compared to what a comparable package would cost from Remington or Benelli, which are the other two tactical shotguns that I have experience with and was considering for a semiauto shotgun purchase. The 12 month average price is $822. I have a Mossberg 930 SPX that I bought for 3-gun competition. The 930, like most gas guns that release the shell from the magazine on bolt cycling, is not 100% reliable with longer magazine tubes. Sounds like several others have had same problem. Model 930 SPX 12 Gauge 3 Inch Chamber 18. A home defense shotgun should print dead on w/slugs at 50 yards. The Mossberg 930 Tactical 8-shot SPX chewed them up and kept spitting them out. Brownell's website link for this fix:http://www. Each shotgun in the 930 series comes with spacers inside the stock to adjust the vertical and horizontal angle of the stock. SUCKS! Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by ScrappyDoo, Mar 10, 2010. The gun is outfitted with ghost ring sights, an. It may even be used in a pinch for wingshooting ducks and critters (unlike the unwieldy bullpup designs). Big problem with SPX 930, need help, and Mossberg Cust Serv. If I try to load a shell from the magazine what usually. I just picked up a Mossberg 930 SPX 12ga this weekend. I then got a replacement barrel from Mossberg. Anyone with any experience? Any alternative in the same price range? Looking for a Tactical Auto-Loader in the $400-$700 range. I had the forcing cone extended to 4" and the cone and chamber were polished. Pretty much a single purpose gun(unless shooting for fun is a second purpose). The problem happened because they added a rail on under the rear sight and that brought it up too high. 5" barrel is perfect for close quarter. Some semi autos use two different pistons to change out, some as the 930 try and handle it all with one piston to regulate gas pressures of the shots across a broad specturm. It's feeding fine and the bolt appears to be fully in battery and pushing it forward before pulling the trigger has no effect. IIRC, it's still hit or miss if you get one that runs reliably out of the box without a little tweaking. Mossberg stating that there are changes being made at Mossberg to improve QC, I believe these changes are slow to come. Any of my search term words; All of my search term words; Find results in Content titles and body; Content titles only. 930 Tactical - 8 Shot SPX #85360. and I found the problem, I Bought 150 rounds of Federal Premium Law enforcement Buckshot and 9 of the 150 rounds had to be forced in to the barrel with my finger because these rounds had bulging buckshot showing on the outside of the casing ( bumps ) that would not allow the bolt to close. There's something delightfully tactile about the "chunk-chunk-chunk" of sending 12 gauge downrange and feeling. Why is it doing this? I have a brand new Mossberg 930 I purchased as a home defense shotgun. The Mossberg 930 SPX shotgun chambers both 2 3/4- and 3-inch 12-gauge shotshells. By using this site, you agree that we may store and access cookies on your device. Once it came time for me to put together my shotgun kit I looked around a lot before I decided on the Mossberg 930 SPX. ended up having neck surgery and being an avid Duck Hunter he still wanted to be able to use a 12Ga to hunt with. 12 inches high is unacceptable whether or not it is a "slug gun". The Mossberg 930 SPX Shotgun has several factory features which make it a formidable combat shotgun out of the box, but as with most weapons some modifications will better suit it to the user. On my 930 I had problems with light firing pin strikes and a failure to feed the next round when using 3" shells. It's the little nub that's press fit into the barrel extension. I ordered a Mossberg 930 SPX from Clyde Armory despite having read all the. Having feeding issue, sometimes it releases 2 rounds from the magazine, sometimes it won't release a round at all, in addition to the feeding issues there are ejection issues. The only problem is that I can't add 50 lbs. I have been a Mossberg owner for many years with a couple pump action 500's, many barrels, etc. I really enjoy shooting this gun; like most shotguns it provides a very rewarding sense of accomplishment. Recently I've been noticing the Mossberg 930 SPX getting some attention. I purchased the security combo ($99) from OR3GUN and a ggg stainless steel follower. My 930 SPX arrived on 9/28/2009. The big benefit to the 930 JM Pro was the price point. Mossberg 930 SPX - posted in NYS and NYC Discussions (licensing/laws): I purchased a Mossberg 930 SPX over two years ago and it has an 8 round extension tube, will I have to modify it to severn rounds to comply with the new SAFE laws. Mossberg set themselves up for a perfect storm of customer service mishap and disappointment with the 930 SPX. Also with Remington 00 buckshot, the shell gets stuck in the feed ramp area?. It can handle non-toxic shot and slugs. Picked up a used Mossberg 930 today. The 930 SPX is a semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun with 18 1/2 inch barrel, and is fitted with an LPA Fiber Optic front sight with Ghost Ring rear sight. It is ok, but it is not a Benelli or a FN. Print; Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Mar 10, 2010 #1. Basically, I just want something with a pistol grip that looks cool. The 18 inch 930 barrell gets narrow pretty quickly, which is why I didn`t experience this with the 28 inch barrell since it has a much more gradual slope. With the magazine extension tube on this gun it has a tendency of jamming the stock follower where the extension meets the actual tube because there is a slight lip just enough to give it problems. The main problem comes from the shell lifter that pinches your thumb . The solution? Purchase a reliable, inexpensive automatic shotgun with . Mossberg 930 SPX - Best recoil pad? Have had a Mossberg 930 SPX a few months now, love the gun, very accurate, fun to shoot, reliable. The gun was cleaned and lubed prior to firing. Looking into mine, going through the magazine tube opening seemed awfully tough. And the important part is that it's priced at an exceptionally attractive figure. A lot of shooters have had problems using slower/lighter shot loadings cycling their new SPX. The major problem is that the elevator has way too much play and it feeds the shells in crooked either too high or to one side or the other and they get hung up. I discovered the problem, the shell expanded (. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jan 26, 2012. I bought the Mossberg 930 a few months ago. It's between the 590A1 and the 930 SPX. I'm glad we don't have that problem here. 16) dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $816. This tube has a bad effect on the spring that . It might take some getting used to, depending on your shooting experience, but you will quickly fall in love with it. It started as a stovepipe, then a complete failure to eject, then the bolt locked back and wouldn't budge. I guess they advise you not to take that apart because its extremely hard to put back together. Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical Review. I finally spoke to a tech at Mossberg. 75 5+1 Full Specification from $542. The manual only specifies 2 3/4 inch 1 1/4 oz heavy field loads as minimum for the 935 specifically. My new barrel will be here next Tuesday, January 5th, 2010. The website also lies about the shotgun, they claim it is an 8 shot being 7+1 but in reality the shotgun only loads 6+1 but if you do load up 6 rounds the last round will not feed properly. 93 Model 930 Field MPN: 85127 Brand: Mossberg Caliber: 12 Gauge Magazine: 2. I have used Mossbergs since i was 12, including 8 years in the Navy (VERY few problems). Well, after doing my research I ended up picking up a Mossberg 930 SPX (for 3-gun and for HD). Mossberg 930 SPX problem I was out at the range today and ran into a strange problem with my Mossberg 930 SPX. It has a +2 extension that says "choate" on 930 SPX, you'll be chasing problems until you sell it. Download High-Res Image » Cookies on the Mossberg Website. We use cookies to help provide you with the best possible online experience. To find out if it's really all that good, we created this Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical review. Pretty sure it's states this in the manual. I've added a few basic accesories which seem to be working well ; a Surefire E2DL Defender light, Nordic Components barrel mag clamp+rail and a VLTor light mount. The sights are quick and effective, and have the additional advantage of easy adjustment. Insert tool into slot in front of the pivot/retaining pin. Remember that 2 3/4" is the length of the shell after it is fired and opens up. However, I recently discovered that I had to take off the piston rings off the piston and clean under them. I polished them more when I got the bbl back. Mine came loose and got stuck in the action. I've yet to read anyting negative about the SPX - in fact, all I'm coming across on the internet are rave reviews. Has had only 20 rounds through it. Firearms / 930® / 930® Tactical. Shooting and discussing the Mossberg 930 SPX. I had the same problem with my Mossberg 930 Black water. Before shooting I cleaned and oiled the gun, and as others have reported it was indeed very dirty. I was dead set on the 930, but the review got me thinking. As for not cycling, I'm not sure what you're describing as the feed ramp at the top of the receiver. Since I've owned it, I've enhanced it's performance and it is incredible. When following the instruction manual . Discussion Starter · #10 · Nov 13, 2010. The 930 SPX seems to be about the best deal in a semi 12 gauge right now. The 930 JM Pro had all sorts of teething problems when it came out. I shot a 3-gun match with that barrel knowing that my slug shots would be high. Pick up a Mossberg 930 SPX at Dick’s a few months ago for $620 plus tax. Featuring an 8 shot capacity, ghost ring sights, and a picatinny rail on top the receiver for easy mounting of optics. If you go to the Mossberg site under the Firearms tab and go to 930 Autoloader on the pull down menu. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 9 of 9 Posts. The 930s need 1200 fps or better during breakin, tho they may run on milder stuff later on. I purchased a 930 SPX pistol-grip off of Gunbroker. The front sight was canted to the left and it was too short. The new value of a MOSSBERG 930 SPX shotgun has fallen ($117. 12ga Shotgun Shells, Opened (L to R: Bird, Buck, Slug) I had to admit, were I still out on the road today, I’d be comfortable trading up the pump gun for this shooter. There's about a 1/8-1/4" gap between the edge of the chamber and the back end of the vent rib on the barrel, and the little pimple on the inside of the barrel that the bolt runs past inside the chamber is about the same distance too far. Originally Posted by BrowningBoy. We've explored the ins and outs of this gas-operated semi-automatic shotgun. Cookies on the Mossberg Website. The Mossberg 930 SPX is a 12 gauge semiautomatic gas-operated shotgun. I have a 930 SPX and I had problems with Fiocchi Buckshot sticking in the chamber and not ejecting. Secondly, I believe (but am not sure) that the Mossberg 930 uses a shell carrier that is similar to the Benelli M4 and allows you to "ghost load" a shell on the carrier plate so you have 7+1+1 equals 9 shells out of the box. The new barrel has the front sight an eighth inch higher. The used value of a MOSSBERG 930 SPX shotgun has fallen $0. I have a Mossberg 930 breacher model, i have been having trouble with failure to feed. Model 930 SPX (Special Purpose Extreme) MPN: 85370 Brand: Mossberg Caliber: 12 Gauge Magazine: 7+1 Full Specification from $599. He told me some of the guns have that problem, others don’t. Just got a Mossberg 930 28" camo barrel from mossberg. However, that's now changed with the Mossberg 930 series. It doesn't feel solid and secure. Any High Brass or 3in shell will cycle with out an issue but Bird shots or low brass then it will run in to some cycling issue after 40 shots. I have a mossberg 500 (I know, not exactly the model you speak of, but it is a pump) and 930spx. Anyone have one? How do you like it? I just picked up a 930 SPX and so far i like it. Bought a new 930 SPX and it operated beautifully for the first 150 rounds or so and then it quit cycling, when I cycle the gun manually it won't fire unless I apply the safety. He also gave me a pointer on how to get the carrier latch out of the gun. Dropping another video review today; we have the Mossberg 930 SPX tactical on the range. Slide tool to rear, pushing the "hitch pin" out of the way. Your SPX may be ammunition sensitive at first. The ONLY drawback I can think of with the 930 (as with most any semi-auto shotgun) is that it may be more ammo sensitive than a pump. After loading the magazine tube with 7 rounds, pulled the bolt knob backwards and let it go, but it didn't chamber a round. Anyone with any experience? I've read a LOT of Bad Reviews. Jump to Latest Follow My benelli M2 will choke on low recoil birdshot where my SPX has zero problems. 25″ of LOP flexibility, the stock and streamlined forend feature Mossberg signature texturing for a secure grip, and a front fiber optic sight helps keep you on target. 930, Jerry Miculek, was also shooting the match, and I asked him about it. Mossberg 930 for sale, mossberg 930 spx for sale, mossberg 930 pro series sporting for sale, Mossberg Semi Auto Shotgun, Mossberg 930 upgrades, Mossberg 930 spx accessories, Mossberg 930 tactical, mossberg 930 stock. 00 Model 590 Shockwave SPX MPN: 50648 Brand: Mossberg Caliber: 12 Gauge Magazine: 2. It was very highly sought after when it was released. Neanderthal Registered Joined Sep 8, 2007 3,927 Posts #5 · Jan 29, 2012. There was an archived thread about the 930 and someone said that it was not a good shotgun for 3 gun, why? I like the roadblocker brake but the SPX doesn't seem to have it. I put 6 rounds through it and it seemed to have a failure . I have taken my Mossberg 930 SPX out a couple of times to shoot it, and am having some difficulties. I follow a couple of shotgun forums that cover the 930 Series. Getting a new shotgun soon and would like to hear from someone who has this gun. A competition-ready 12-guage semi-auto shotgun built on Mossberg's standard 930 action. The solution? Purchase a reliable, inexpensive automatic shotgun with extensive aftermarket support and tailor it to your needs. Mossberg shipped the first 930s with a defective barrel. #85360 list is $734, #85370 is $824, all together there is eight different versions of the SPX ranging from $572 to $824. Once that's done, this is the procedure. My duty 870 police magnum prints 5 or 6 inch 50 yard groups under timed qualifying conditions (kneeling and standing). Ive heard that a lot of the time they ship from the factory with the gas seal ring installed backwards. Designed in conjunction with World Champion shooter Jerry Miculek, the 940 JM Pro is feature-rich, fast-cycling, and ultra. I think you guys are talking about #85360, which runs roughly $90 less than the more expensive #85370 that has the pistol grip. Mossberg 930 on the Range; Final Verdict on the Mossberg 930. 99 Mossberg 930 SPX 12 Ga Features The 930 SPX 8-Shot has a full-length black synthetic stock with a pistol grip and a top rail-mounted XS ghost ring rear sight with an M16-style fiber optic front. It will pull up the 930 page, and you will see the 930 Tactical with the breaching barrel. Mossberg just hasn't got this yet. This shotgun will fire round after round with no trouble at . The Mossberg 930 JM Pro has been fix by TheReloaderDude. It was not a limited production gun, but it was not made in super large numbers; certainly not in sufficient numbers to meet the demand. For fun at the range the 930spx can't be beat. I have talked to alot of people about the 590 and know it's a good gun. My Mossberg 930 SPX keeps having FTEs on different kinds of (high fps) loads since day 1 even after multiple cleanings. A 930 SPX has 18 3/4" of total magazine space. Thats the ring that sits behind the godly spring under the threaded cap in the barrel lug. After shooting I noticed the screws for the picatinny rail were missing and the front sight had fell. This was to be a review on my Mossberg 930 SPX. Having feeding issue, sometimes it releases 2 rounds from the magazine, sometimes it won't release a round at all, in addition to the . There is a whole thread listing the issues with the 930. The 930 seems to cycle faster and smoother . The shared self-regulating gas system reduces recoil and eases. The OR3GUN Marine Spacer Tube for Mossberg 930/935 series shotguns is an active component in keeping your gas system functioning at peak reliability. Find us on Hickok45 Twitter and Facebook, as well as “therealHickok45” on Instagram. To the lower right of the muzzle you will see a More Models arrow, click on the right arrow and it will show the 930 SPX. Mossberg 930 SPX Continued QC Problems. :rolleyes2: The YHM mount is what I need for my receiver to mount my Bushnell. Well I guess two factors that involve my impatience and money being spent on other weapons have me holding off from purchasing aimpro's rail. Turns out that this is common for this shotgun. Try to get some 3 Dram Equivalent target shot. My 930 SPX turns 10 years old next month - it is one seriously nice, smooth shotgun. The shells are getting stuck on the front shell stop, it acts like th. Part #18 breaks and no longer feeds rounds. The 930 SPX had some issues to start with. Mossberg 930 SPX Continued QC Problems Despite efforts from m24shooter lobbying for the rest of us and Mark Kresser (VP Sales & Marketing) with O. 50 (100%) AFG on Mossberg 930 SPX stock forend. Grossman in On Combat (Sec 2, Ch 1) A member of Shotgun World, has a Mossberg 930, he has shot over 30,000 rounds and had no problems, so far. 4 years ago, SPX problems were prolific, often related to shells hanging up . Since I’ve had the gun I’ve put hundreds of shells through it without one malfunction. I am probably going to pick up the Nordic +4 to bring the capacity from 7+1 to 8+1. Most issues were tied to the SPX and other short barreled models and included . The Mossberg 930 SPX Pistol Grip shotgun is a gas-operated, covert Kryptek Typhon 12 gauge that was bred for special applications and . 930 SPX: Eight (8) 2 3/4" cartridges (seven (7) in the magazine tube, plus. I purchased a Mossberg 930 SPX which I dearly love but am experiencing a problem with loading from the magazine. Its 18 1/2-inch barrel comes in cylinder bore and is not threaded to. Try some stout loads and see what happens. If your bolt is closed, and you hit the bolt release button with rounds in the mag tube, multiple shells will be released from the tube. -- mainly because I believe it is a great shotgun. Any other reccomendations from the Mossy owners? Does anyone make an oversized bolt handle? And also what about an oversized bolt release? Thanks!. Mossberg is known for having a lot of funk in their shotguns. The Mossberg 930 SPX Special Purpose Shotgun is meant for experienced shotgun owners who want to take the next step in luxury and customization. The receiver on this one, (930 SPX JM PRO) doesn't have a pickatinny,so the mount is a must. However, the pad on the Choate pistol grip stock leaves my shoulder a bit sore the next day (I'm tucking it tight when I shoot, it's not a technical issue). Mossberg 930 SPX Shotgun discussions. Try some regular field loads or something 1290 fps or better, with high brass up the side. Most issues were tied to the SPX and other short barreled models and included canted sights, feeding issues and burs on barrel spring that scratched the magazine tube. This moves a pusher with two short steel action bars that in turn push the bolt carrier. The Benelli is a beautiful piece of work, a fantastic and fast shooting shotgun. Took my new Mossberg 930 SPX out for it's maiden run and ran into some problems. I like Velcro applications, they don't get caught up on things. It comes with a pistol grip or standard stock design. They required at least 3 Dram to function properly. The Mossberg 930 Autoloader is a gas operated autoloading shotgun that handles the full range of 2 3/4" and 3" shotshells, including magnum field and low brass target loads. If my bolt is closed and the magazine tube has multiple shells loaded in it, if I inadvertently hit the bolt release . This gun is a 12 gauge semi auto 7+1 shotgun with Picatinny rail, ghost ring sights, cylinder bore 18 ½ barrel and what a great shooter. I had ejection problems on my 930 field/security also, with the short barrel. Can I buy a Roadblocker barrel separate and swap it for the 930 SPX?. I heard about some problems with the 930spx when they first came out. A tactical shotgun should be as solid as a Louisville Slugger. Okay, so after reading this thread i went to Dick's today and fondled the 930 SPX they had. I plan to run another 100-200 rounds through it this. Found a small problem at the range with my Mossberg 930. Might have to get a speed feed stock. Just like Greg, I've got a Nordic Comp extension clamp and extended charging handle, plus a Mesa Tactical 6-shell sidesaddle. When I do this the gun works perfectly. Make sure you get the "hitch pin" all the way off the pivot/retaining pin. When I tore the gun down and cleaned it, it fired the first round but would not cycle and still wouldn't fire on the 2nd round unless I applied the safety before cycling. There’s something delightfully tactile about the “chunk-chunk-chunk” of sending 12 gauge downrange and feeling. Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical Elevator Problem. Mossberg hаѕ hаd autoloaders іn thе past, but thіѕ 930 series іѕ аn improvement оvеr thоѕе earlier guns, аnd іt hаѕ еvеrу feature. Problem is, most shotguns suited to one of these roles often fall short in the others. Per the usual there is a real slug fest in the forums over this weapon. 930 SPX Failure Thanks to those of you who responded to my request for help. It's royalty among battle shotguns. The low recoil and fast cycling design make it a blast to shoot and handle. Having just picked up a new Mossberg 930 SPX I thought it might be useful to post some impressions, problems and questions. Its appearance is quite subdued in all black, and all business. A MOSSBERG 930 SPX shotgun is currently worth an average price of $816. Also keep in mind that the 930 SPX is meant to be a defensive gun, shooting defensive loads. It is a known issue with the front sight being too low. The Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical has an aluminum receiver, a tactically sound 18. of "tacticool" to the cz, and the spx already comes with 25lbs of tacticoolness. 12ga Shotgun Shells, Opened (L to R: Bird, Buck, Slug) I had to admit, were I still out on the road today, I'd be comfortable trading up the pump gun for this shooter. He picked up a Mossberg 9200(edited because I remember it wasn't a 930, it was a 9200) semi-auto and we took it out to test it and wow, what a difference in recoil. IE, Bang, click, rack, bang, click, rack, etc. Turned out this was a wide spread problem with the first run of JM Pros. Many people with JM 930's have to be diligent about cleaning the gas plug. 930 models feature a "quick empty" magazine button for easy unloading, a cocking indicator that protrude from inside the trigger guard, and a drilled and tapped receiver for convenient scope base installation. The Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical 12ga is an autoloading shotgun that is ideal for personal or home defense. I know the gun is good, but when the handguard is shifting around, it's hard to convince someone that's it's okay. Answer (1 of 4): I own a Benelli Tactical M4 H20 and a Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical. View Full Version : Mossberg 930 SPX Continued QC Problems. New Book Mossberg 500 Shotgun Instruction Manual see ebay item # 121024189173 S\u0026W Model 1000 Semi Auto 12 Gauge Shotgun - Brandon401401 5000 Subs Contest! Mossberg 930 SPX 4 Best Pump Action Shotguns for Beginners! [Remington M870, Mossberg 500 + More] Mossberg 930 shotgun- Complete cleaning and disassembly with Jerry Miculek TOP 10 BEST. I emailed mossberg about it last night. It was having feeding problems but i polished the . that the Mossberg 930 uses a shell carrier that is similar to the Benelli M4 and allows you to "ghost load" a shell on the carrier plate so you have 7+1+1 equals 9 shells out of the box. A typical, unfired 2 3/4" shell is about 2 1/4" so that's 15 3/4" and that leaves 3" for the spring to compress. Mossberg 930 Tactical SPX Blued 12 Gauge 18. The best tip I can give you is don't buy it. Here is a quick overview of the specs of this specific scattergun as per. But the SPX seems simple enough and priced right. Plus I am waiting for ETA's version to check out. Perfectly legal under NYS law so long. In terms of lube, even though you may not like doing it my 930 has run better with more lube. Outside, an adjustable stock allows for 1. I ordered a Mossberg 930 SPX from Clyde Armory despite having read all the issues about canted front sight, stripped receiver, loose trigger housing, etc. Despite efforts from m24shooter lobbying for the rest of us and Mark Kresser (VP Sales & Marketing) with O. Here is a video that shows how to fix a Mossberg 930 failure of tube to feed the chamber. Posted October 23, 2011 My new-ish 930 is failing to fire on every round loaded automatically. IIRC, the 930 Mossberg (hunting) autoloaders had issues cycling 2 3/4 dram loads. Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical Double Feed Problem Post by Grace_Hunter07 » Mon Sep 12, 2016 5:23 am So, I bought a new Mossberg 930 for a home defense set up a few years back. Mossberg Firearms 930 Tactical SPX 12 Ga Semi Auto 18" Barrel - $727 MOSSBERG 930 SPX TACTICAL SHOTGUN FEATURES 8-round capacity, a ghost ring rear sight, and a fiber optic front sight. There are two gas ports that drive a piston that surrounds the magazine tube beneath the barrel. The manual says to load on shell into the chamber first, then load the magazine. We found this ideal, but some shooters might find it startling at first. The Nordic Components follower is longer than most others but is still only 1 3/16" long. 005 larger then the un-shot shell) which caused it to stick in the barrell. The problem is that it came with a "JAM MY GUN . The 930 SPX isn't going to malfunction on anything that'll work in the 11-87, at least in mine. It is super easy to polish a chamber using a cotton mop soaked in a fine compound (in a drill). Re: Mossberg 930 SPX Shooting too high. I was in the same situation as the OP, when I saw the review of the 930 spx against the cz 712 utility. That said, it looks like the latest iteration, at least by comparing your pic with the Mossberg one. If your chamber is rough that can contribute to sticking. Guys here's my idea: Magpul AFG on the stock forend. NOTE: All shooting in our videos is done by professional shooters for instructional and entertainment purposes, with an emphasis on safety and responsible gun ownership. The forward handguard feels loose. Thanks to those of you who responded to my request for help. It appears to be in spec, with no problems mounting any of my Pic . Also Mossberg has an issue that they are aware of in that their feedtube on the 930 SPX hangs up. When you see the Mossberg 930 SPX know it is a low quality 5+1 with no customer service. It seems to be as simple as i want an auto to be. My choice is a Mossberg 930 JM PRO. The Mossberg 930 SPX is a most excellent choice for an autoloading shotgun that is a versatile, multi-use firearm to cover a variety of scenarios. Mossberg 930 SPX This gun has now shot 200 rounds in total, all of these with only rudimetary cleaning of the gun. Again, the pistol grip models are more money than the regular SPX. wj1d, l4q, 33x, i2v, e1r, zrp7, 9b5, lbz, oac, 3iu, i2az, 2wm, zxy, oxlq, cc09, ec9, l7o5, utri, j34u, 3qj, 0t1, qpg, 8w0, n3p5, u547, 05h6, i1yt, alq, 8id, pbcn, 7ofk, p5j, ynte, 8o6, 8a7k, c84, r5if, 24yx, wr0i, j8uo, xfj, xnd, q2w, vlr4, y3m, d88w, vks1, 5vw, z9qa, hrra, bn9, jy5, 2z0k, fnrh, oms